White Cloud Tai Chi

Colin's Classic's Cross Stitch

Colin has been Cross Stitching for about 30 years and decided to try and design his own range of patterns using the Old Masters and Classical well known paintings so that he can create a series of pictures that will not only challenge the experienced stitcher but perhaps inspire others to try something more challenging.
A lot of experienced Cross Stitchers find that a lot of the usual patterns especially those found on magazines very easy to do so I have designed a set of patterns to test the more experienced stitcher.

On the following pages you will find pictures that I have stitched, some of them are my own designs and this area is still expanding, and some of them are stitched from commercially available patterns (either on line or direct from the designers).










Colin's Promise

All of my patterns come complete with instructions on how to start.
A full list of DMC Cottons required to complete the picture including a floss usage guide if required.
A complete legend of the pattern including symbols and colours
A full colour picture of what the finished design will look like.
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